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Generative music


My piece was born out of the desire to write about, and use, artificial intelligence, probably the greatest potential enhancement human intelligence.

Mind Games is meant to symbolize an evolving dynamic dialogue between humans and machines and is structured as a piano duo against slowly evolving multi-layered electronic textures.

Forty percent of the piano parts was composed by a cellular automaton algorithm, a branch of A.I. The last element, courtesy of IBM, is audio containing the real sounds of their latest quantum computer.

Epic music


"For whom the bell tolls?"   asked Hemingway.

"It tolls for thee"

And so was the destiny of some 600000 men during the American Civil War. My piece could also be entitled “The Price of Freedom”.


It covers the many moods of war, from the excitement of battle, through the comradeship to the mournful memory of lost ones.

Classic movies


This piece is inspired by the chase and carousel scene in Hitchcock's movie Strangers on a Train (1951), the story of two strangers who meet on a train, a tennis player and a psychopath.


The psychopath suggests that because they each want to get rid of someone, they should exchange murders so that neither will get caught having no relationship to the victims whatsoever. The first murder is committed; then the psychopath tries to force the tennis player to complete the bargain. A chase ensues that develops into a struggle on an out of control carousel (roundabout).

Avant-garde music (live)


Recorded in the Prokofiev Hall of the Glinka Museum in Moscow on April 18, 2016.

New video available on Youtube

Stanislav Malyshev (violin)
Ekaterina Antokolskaya (cello)
Liuba Gromoglasova (piano)

Concert organizer and audio recording
Marina Shmotova

Video recording: Dmitry Mazurov

Sound editing and video montage
Ammon Productions


Chamber music


This piano quartet, entitled Somnium (Latin for The Dream), refers to a scientific novel written by astronomer-mathematician Johannes Kepler and published in 1634.


It describes, for the very first time, an imaginary trip to the moon. It is considered by many as the first real work of science-fiction.


(This extract is from a midi mockup)



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