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A peek 
into my studio (circa 2020) 

I now use mainly DORICO and SIBELIUS for scoring.


My beloved Petrof piano and other controllers I use

Computers and related hardware

The brains and nerves of my studio

  • Composition and notation: Helios, a custom-built Windows 10 64bit PC with
    64 GB RAM and 30 TB of HDDs, multiple GPUs and 3x 3840x2160 49in monitors

  • Mixing, A.I. and libraries: Ganesh, a custom-built Windows 10-64 machine
    with 64 GB RAM, 8 x 512 GB SSD drives, storage 72 TB (HDD in a RAID 6), multiple GPUs and multiple 4K monitors ranging from 39in to 55in (touch screen)

Related hardware

Soooo many wires...

Composition and notation software

Connecting my brain to the other brains

  • Presonus Notion is my go-to composing environment (sketching on iPad or PC)

  • Finale and Avid Sibelius for the finishing touches

Sequencing. mixing and mastering software

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's

Other tools of the trade

Indispensable but often forgotten...

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